Launch Day | The Official Launch of the New Abby Hudson Photography

Its Launch day!!!  Yay!!!!!  Welcome yall!!!

I am so beyond excited to introduce you all to my new brand-Abby Hudson Photography!

I have been working on this new brand for months and can hardly believe that today is the day that I get to share it with everyone!  I have built this brand from the ground up and am so beyond happy with it!!  I worked tirelessly to create a brand consistent to my personality, my business values, and my goals.  I love working with joyful clients and I wanted joyful emotions to be evoked when clients are browsing my site.  

While my original Hudson Way Photography brand was wonderful, I felt the need to change it because I was lacking a sense of clear branding.  The design was fantastic for my first site, but it did not represent me to the absolute fullest.  I also began to notice that people recognized my work by my personal name more than they recognized my work by my business name.  This was a major realization and it led me to the idea of a rebrand!  Hudson Way Photography is where this all began for me and the brand will forever hold a special place in my heart.  It was difficult to imagine a complete rebrand when my original brand was so new to begin with, but I felt in my heart that this was the right decision and I began to move forward with it immediately.

Friday‚Äôs Faith + Full Time Focus blog post will be dedicated to walking you through my new brand and introducing you to all aspects of the new Abby Hudson Photography!  We will chat about the lovely individual that created my custom logo (which I am in LOVE with), my thoughts behind a bright + simplistic color palette, and what my overall goal was in this site creation.  Oh, and I will also be introducing you all to my new business hashtags!!  Yes, I did just say that and Yes, I am pretty excited about it!!!!  Definitely come back Friday to read all about it!! (All previous Faith + Full Time Focus posts have been uploaded to this new blog page, so you can catch up on all of them!)

I am so grateful for the support of all of the amazing people in my life that have encouraged me to go after these dreams of mine.  I cant wait to see you back here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for regular blog posts.  Oh goodness, do I have a ton of new things to share with yall!!  Until then, please enjoy browsing my new site and falling in love with my new brand as much as I have.

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