Three Things A Bride-To-Be Should Know About Wedding Florals

Guest Blogger: Courtney Inghram of Courtney Inghram Events

Courtney Inghram Events is a floral design and wedding planning boutique located in Virginia.  I opened my small business last year after my own wedding.  I provide a streamlines, stress-free, and completely customized experience to all of my brides!  I adore working alongside CIE brides leading up to their wedding day and I love to see their faces when they see their vision comes to life!!

Photo by Mai Fotography

Photo by Mai Fotography

Hello, Bride-to-be!! My name is Courtney Inghram, and I am a wedding florist and planner based out of Chesapeake, Virginia.  Planning weddings and designing flowers are two of my favorite things, and today I want to share a few tips with you for your own special day! 

Flowers are one of the most photographed design elements of your wedding day. They are being photographed from the moment they are placed in your hands, your bridesmaids’ hands.  They are a big part of your table décor and can be incorporated and photographed in other ways throughout your day, too! Your wedding flowers pull your theme together, highlight your colors, and accent your style, so it’s important to follow these tips to make sure they are done correctly!

Photo by Heidi Calma Photography / Florals by Courtney Inghram Events

Photo by Heidi Calma Photography / Florals by Courtney Inghram Events

1 | Enlist a Team to Help You

I know this may seem silly for me to mention, but your florist will be such an asset!!  Florists know how to work with flowers and have likely spent a lot of time honing their ability to create beautiful pieces!!  

There is a lot more that goes into a wedding bouquet or centerpiece than you think. Would you know which flowers to “wire” into your bouquet? Would you know how to open up a stubborn peony, or how to cut the stems of each bloom for optimal water supply? Would you know how much extra you should order in case of damage? Bonus question: Would you WANT to be thinking about all those things in the few precious days leading up to your wedding? 

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, then you should consider hiring a florist. Processing, designing, and caring for flowers can be a time-consuming and stressful task.  Therefore, I would encourage you to pass this responsibility to your florist and spend the few days leading up to your wedding complete stress-free!!

2 | Don’t Get Hung Up on a Specific Type of Flower

Particular flowers bloom best in certain times of the year, and it’s best to not buy them out of season for several reasons. 

First, the quality won’t be as good. They will most likely be grown in another country, which means that they will need to be flown to America, and then to your florist. What that means is that your flowers have spent a significant amount of time without water and proper care, which equals sad (or dead) flowers. 

That also means that you will be paying more for your flowers to be flown across the world for your wedding, instead of purchasing in-season flowers closer to home. 

Your florist can help you determine which styles and types of flowers are in season for your wedding! If your heart is absolutely set on a particular type of bloom, your florist should be able to find it from a consistent supplier they work with!

3 | Decide On a Particular Style, Shape and Color Scheme You Like

It’s important to share with your florist specific shapes and styles of bouquets and centerpieces you like! We love to see pictures!! ☺

Styles can vary from a hand-tied bouquet to a dramatic cascade, to a Mason jar centerpiece or lush compote! Some brides would like their flowers to coordinate with the rest of their color scheme, while others want their flowers to be different and “pop”! 

Your florist will be able to help you with this if it seems daunting, but communicating your vision will help them create beautiful arrangements for you! 

The beauty of flowers is that no two are the same, and each bride can make flower choices that best coordinate with her dream wedding vision!! It’s so fun to be able to design all different shapes, sizes and styles of flowers.

Fun Side Note:  My favorite part is seeing a bride’s face light up when she is handed her bouquet!


I hope that these tips are so helpful as you bring your wedding vision to life!!  If you have any additional questions about your wedding flowers, feel free to email me at – and Congratulations!! ☺


 Photo by Emily Marie Photography / Florals by Courtney Inghram Events

 Photo by Emily Marie Photography / Florals by Courtney Inghram Events

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Photo by Karen Hibbard Photography / Florals by Courtney Inghram Events

Photo by Karen Hibbard Photography / Florals by Courtney Inghram Events

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