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I have been anxiously awaiting this weeks blog post for a majority of this week to share more exciting changes for AHP that I am super happy about!!  This past Tuesday was The Rising Tide Society’s monthly Tuesdays Together meeting + I must say that it put a whole new fire in my blood to be around so many great friends as I talked out ideas + big dreams with them!!  That leads me to today’s post!!

I started this Faith + Full Time Focus series as a way to allow others to follow my journey as I grew AHP.  Since then, the topics of Faith + Full Time Focus have ranged from grace + understanding to how to’s + things I have learned in this industry.  Part of the reason that there was such a wide variety of topics is because I so very much want to be transparent in my business for other to relate too, but I also have a desire to dedicate more of my time in business as an educator for other photographers.  This combination led to Faith + Full Time Focus being full of a wide variety of topics!!

With this in mind, I was craving a change on the way I deliver information while I also desired to grow the education factor of my business + give industry friend a glimpse of what can be offered through One-on-One’s with AHP.  So, what happened next???  Well, a new series was born, friends!!  

Tuesday blogs will now be dedicated to a new series specifically for photographers!!  This series will focus on education + sharing tools that I have learned in this industry!  I am leaving no stone unturned here!!  The series will start with the necessities to grow your business + then begin to trickle into more topics that I have mastered through my personal experiences!

With this new series taking place regularly each week, that will allow for Faith + Full Time Focus posts to be dedicated to my thoughts during the current season that my business is expereincing, as well a place for a few more personal posts!! 

The first post of this new series will be this coming Tuesday- April 19th!!  I seriously am so ecstatic to begin sharing this content with you!!  All of the things that I took forever to figure out, all of the things that I never realized until they were right in front of my face, all of the things that I learned the hard way through trial and error- all of it will be shared with you!!

If you are a photographer that is just starting out or maybe even a photographer that wants to continue growing + learning from others in the industry- seriously get so pumped because its going to be a great series to follow along with!!  These posts are going to be jam packed with content each week + I will be sharing so many things that I wish I knew sooner!!  (AND this is just a peek inside of what a One-on-One with AHP will entail- the only difference is that One-on-One’s with AHP are customized to your business + success!!)

If you have a specific question that you’d like discussed through a blog post in this new series, feel free to shoot an email to me at and I would be so happy to add it to the list of upcoming topics!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mark your calendar for four day blog posting weeks beginning this coming week with AHP!!!

Monday and Wednesday will be featuring my most recent clients + sessions!!

Tuesday will be the start of the new series!!

Friday will be a brand new Faith + Full Time Focus post!!

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