Malerie’s Downtown Senior Session – Fredericksburg, Virginia



What High School Do You Attend?

Northumberland High School

What are you most looking forward to as you enter your senior year?

Even though it’s a little sad, I look forward to walking across the stage in June with all of my best friends. We’ve known each other for our entire lives, it’ll be such a great memory.

Dreaming as high as you can, what hopes do you have for your senior year and your future after high school?

I hope to finish senior year with great grades and get in to all the colleges I applied to! (fingers crossed) 🙂

Tell me about your experience during your senior session! How did you feel? What did you love most?

I absolutely loved my senior session experience! Abby made sure I felt very comfortable and absolutely beautiful. I loved every single photo from my shoot!

What advice do you have for other seniors as they prepare for their senior session?

Have fun and enjoy it! This is such a fun and exciting experience that I know I will never forget! Definitely a highlight of senior year 🙂

Malerie- You are so gorgeous and natural in front of the camera. And! Your senior session was lots of fun! Thank you so much for adventuring around town with me and trusting me to take these for you! Love having you on the spokesmodel team and looking forward to seeing you again soon!! Hugs! – Abby

  1. Kim Douglas says:

    These are beautiful proud of wishes to you in your future and whatever you decide to are a beautiful young lady..Emma and I love you 💕❤️

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