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Hi friends!  Today’s post is going to be short + sweet, but today’s topic has been such a game changer for me + I wanted to share in hopes that it would also help some of you!!

You guys know that I am a huge believer in blogging.  The benefits that it offers for our businesses are just amazing + I have so many tips to share on the topic.  However, in hopes of staying on track with today’s post, I will be quick in saying you can read a few of those tips HERE.

One of the challenges that I often faced when it came time to create a blog post was that I suddenly had no idea what to write about.  I have a blog calendar + those days that I would be sharing about a recent session were always easy to write about.  Sharing my experience with my clients during that time along with some lovely images, piece of cake! 

But what about the days when I wanted to write about something other than my sessions??  What about the days when I wanted to post something more personal or something educational??  Have you ever just completely drawn a blank in front of the computer screen??  Me too!!  I would think of these great ideas throughout the week, but then when it came time to blog them I was completely lost. 

For a while, I would write down blog topics in a little notebook that I kept in my purse.  Seemed like the perfect solution!!  Then I would think of a topic when I wasn’t near my little blog book, so I would write it down on a random sheet of paper.  From there it would disappear into thin air never to be seen again.  Sometimes I would think of blog topics at the most random of times when paper wasn’t even available, so I was left to trust myself not to forget the brilliant idea that had popped into my head at that moment- let’s just say that also was not a good idea!

All of these situations left me, yet again, with a great blog idea that was lost in space along with an empty computer screen as I tried to compose the next blog.

My solution:  Voice Recordings!!!  Now, whenever I think of a blog topic I just grab my phone and start recording myself as I talk out the idea that I have in mind!!  All of my blog ideas are in one convenient place that is always within reach!  When it comes time to blog, I just pull out my phone and press play!

Another benefit of these recording is that as I discuss blog ideas, I am able to talk out all of the details!!  So rather than just writing down “blog about this”, I can instead talk about the topic + all the other details that I am currently thinking of to include in that blog!! 

This one simple, convenient step has made such a difference in my blogging!!  Now, I no longer am confronted with those days of writers block + drawing a blank!!  If you blog, I certainly recommend giving this a try!!  It will be such a life saver in the sense of never again loosing those amazing blog ideas that you are curating in your mind!!

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