Friday Top 5 : Week 4

Hi friends!! With all of the COVID19 changes, blogging took a seat on the back burner as we adjusted to the changes in our current world and absorbed the ever changing information that was being given to us. But!!! Here we are back with another full week of blogs which means that Friday Top 5 posts are baacckkkk!!! As always, I refer to today’s post as “Just a friend (me) sharing some things that I’m loving this week with another friend (you)”! Take a peek below and enjoy!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This water bottle. Its pretty and it keeps my water cold all day! I have the 24 oz size, so I know that if I fill it up 4 times each day then I have reached almost 100 oz of water! It comes with a super secure lid, two straws, and an extra lid for hot beverages! It is also super durable and you won’t need to worry if you drop it on the concrete (speaking from experience, haha).

These jeans. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect jeans for YEARS. I ordered these on a whim with a 40% coupon code and they are my absolute favorite jeans ever. Seriously so good! The fit is great, they hit me at a flattering length on my ankle, and I love the five buttons front for dressing them up with a cute half tucked blouse! (The exact pair I have is now out of stock, but this linked to the same style jeans!)

This snack recipe. I found this on Pinterest and to my surprise actually had all of the necessary ingredients. We made them one day mid-morning and by the afternoon had eaten half of them already! Henley loves them, I love them, and they aren’t full of additional sugar so it’s a go-to snack in our home! I also shared the recipe with my friend Ashley and her son requests to make them all the time!

This book. I finished this book in no time because I could hardly put it down! It’s full of so much goodness, so much truth, and every statement she makes is backed with scripture. I totally recommend it to any faith filled woman. Actually, I recommend it to any woman even if you haven’t connected with Jesus yet because it’s just a good read for your soul.

These glasses. I was skeptical about blue light glasses for the longest time, but after having headaches for seemingly no reason, I decided to try these out (also with a discount code… basically give me a discount code and I can be talked into anything). I forget to wear these half the time, but I always notice a difference when I do wear them for long office days or when Im on my phone a lot! Not to mention they are just really cute too!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thats all for today! As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have a question about any of these items and I always love to hear if you’ve tried/loved any of them! See ya next week friends! -Abby

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