Rothys: An Honest Review

Ok y’all, let me start this post by saying that I LOVE my Rothy’s. Literally love them. But! Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case from the start, so I wanted to write this post for anyone that has been on the fence about buying a pair just to hear an honest review that isn’t simply saying that they are the best ever! (Even though they are the best ever) And our story begins…

I am not someone that loves flats. I have small feet and sometimes run between sizes, so I just have never found a pair that fit me well enough to love. Working in the wedding industry, flats are kind of necessary. They are easy to walk in and still look nice, so I hadn’t given up hope on finding a great pair of flats just yet.

I had heard so many people refer to Rothy’s as if they were this miracle shoe and I was intrigued, but also super skeptical. They are a pretty expensive purchase and I was not ready to take a chance on something that I figured was just the hype of the month that would soon fade out.

After a few months of eyeing the Flax Birdseye Point, I finally made the jump and bought my first pair with a good recommendation and a discount code from a friend.

I’m usually between a 5.5 and a 6, so I ordered a 6. When they arrived, I was surprised at just how narrow these shoes start out. I actually sent them back for a 6.5 because I felt like they were going to be a little too snug. Once the 6.5 came, I realized very quickly that they were TOO big and back those went. I wasn’t ready to give up so I decided to exchange again for the original size of a 6 and hoped that they would work fine in the long run.

All I had heard for weeks through online marketing was that Rothy’s were “shoes you didn’t have to break in”. So the first time I wore them, I wore them for 5 hours straight during a meet and greet mini shoot event that I was hosting. I ended the 5 hour event with 5 mountain sized blisters and a lot of frustration towards these shoes.

We attended a wedding a few weeks later and I decided to give them another shot. I broke them in for about 5 hours that day as well and I was actually beginning to like them a bit more!

After that, I wore them off and on for errands two or three times. Now I can honestly say that after all of that – I LOVE MY ROTHYS. They are so comfy and they feel great for long hours of wear. They are versatile enough to wear while running errands and still pretty enough to wear to church on Sundays with a cute dress! All of that to say that my favorite part is that they are machine washable! Lets be real, after a 10 hour wedding day, they usually need a good washing and even grass stains have been removed with a simple run through the washing machine!

I would totally recommend that you take some time to break them in (silly me for trusting social media on the whole “you don’t have to break them in” thing) before putting them to work on a long day. But! Otherwise, I can honestly say that these shoes live up to the hype and are worth the price tag in quality, comfort, and style!

I first purchased the Flax Birdseye Point and with the launch of their new fall line, I also just purchased the Rosebud Point!

If you’ve been on the fence about trying out a pair, you can use this discount code for $20 off of your first pair! If the code doesn’t work for time sensitive reasons, just shoot me a DM or an email to and I’ll share an updated discount code with you!! Hugs to you friend and ENJOY if make the jump to Rothy’s! You seriously will not be disappointed!

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